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We at Vruksha striving to make a better Environment|Education|Learning Space for your child!

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We are an educational institution that started in the year 2014, offering high quality early childhood education. We strive to provide a safe, loving, and caring environment in which children can be guided and educated towards their full potential, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Our Mission of excellence is 'Spice of learning'

Year Established
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Building with all facilities

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Good & Fun Play areas

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Ambiant Classrooms


Our school is continuously monitored through CCTV for child safety and security. We have in-house caretakers, exclusive school transport facility and much more.


Our teachers are well trained, highly committed, patient and nurture creativity.


In addition to regular curriculum, children are encouraged to participate in exercises involving language, arithmetic, and practical life skills.

Cultural Activities

We organise Shloka Recitation, Grandparents’ Day and celebration of all major festivals to create cultural awareness and social bonding.

Other Activities

Clay modelling, freehand drawing, show ‘n’ tell, sports Day, yoga activities, field trips, class trips and many creative activities.

Other facilities

Audio – Visual teaching, Class libraries, Play area, Student-teacher ratio 20:1, Provision of child-friendly play, and toys.

Term & Session

The school commences in June and concludes by the end of April. Activities related to academics, non-academics, sports, tests and exam schedules, PTM, important celebrations are well-planned. Children attend five days a week (Monday to Friday).

Syllabus & Language

The Karnataka State Syllabus is taught in English as per the council of Education. However, Hindi and Kannada languages (LKG onwards) are offered as part of the syllabus.


Our school is exclusively made highly interesting for tiny-tots. It is a warm & nurturing place to play, learn & grow. We take pride in creating an ambience where children love coming to school with joy & go home only to come back to school with a big broad smile day after day.

Mr. S. Anantharamaiah - Founder & Administrator